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Resolved! Bespoke Furniture workflow

Hi all, I frequently design bespoke furniture elements and have started to model these in ArchiCAD rather than only 2D. I'm interested to hear how people do this in their work. I currently model it off to one side so I can create views / 3D documents...

Opening from window

Hi, I'm experimenting with the new opening tool. I can't seem to find a way to create an opening from a window. Is it even possible ? Any help appreciated.

Corner L shaped columns?

i know i can make this with a custom profile but its not very flexible when you want to change the angle of the corner column. Also the wrapping properties (wall-column interaction) do not work with complex profiles. placing two different rectangular...

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ARCHICAD 23 Released

ARCHICAD 23 is now released in several major languages (INT, USA, UKI, FRA, GER, AUT). Installers may be downloaded from here: Please discuss the new features of ARCHICAD 23 in this thread, as well as i...

Wall and beam in section view - wrong pens

Hi, I've tried to find sollution on forum, but just coulnd't find right topic. Thing is with this: I have a beam inside a wall and all I want to have is to see clean line around the beam like this While all I get is this What is weird is that when th...

Resolved! IFC properties values to GDL object

Hi there, This question is also related to IFC properties schema. In ArchiCAD GDL 22 guide, there are ways to extract object's IFC property values with in GDL, and I was wondering, if there is a way where I can extract certain IFC properties from the...

Custom Door Leaf won't appear in list

Hi, Custom saved or scripted door leafs won't show up in our Teamwork project. I have even scripted a simple object: BLOCK a, b, zzyzx I have set it as "Custom Door Leaf" subtype, but it didn't show up. I have exported that gsm and imported it into a...

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Bluebeam / Archicad Issue

I just completed my first model in Archicad and when I published to a .pdf the vectorial hatching on the elevation drawing shows up blurred when I open it in Bluebeam (see attached). It opens with Adobe reader just fine. Has anyone else had this issu...

Dynamic Edge Contours

Hi all, Is there a way to have a dynamic edge profile? I was hoping the status code 64 would do it, but it only works in 2D views and is only available for vertical edges. Sketchup Example In one of my objects I have an option to toggle the contours ...

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