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Missing AUS Objects

I have moved computers and have an issue now that my new computer does not have the parts I've used in many drawings on many projects, namely Title AUS 18 and Story Marker AUS 18. I have copied the Australian Essential Library 18 that I believed thes...

sarahric by Participant
  • 5 replies

Stringers on stair symbol

The lower half of my stair is monolithic masonry construction, the upper half is wood framed with stringers. This shows correctly in 3D. How can I show (for the framing plan) or not show (for the floor plan) stair stringers on the floor plan? Right n...

Resolved! Columns Showing on Non-Relevant Stories

Hi all, I have a set of columns which are showing below the story they are on when set to show on "All Relevant Stories". Two stories below in the carpark is definitely not relevant... Setting my FPCP to not show any above stories does not make any d...

ARCHICAD 21 (7000) & 22 (4005) Public Updates Released

Hello Everyone, Today we have made the final version of our next ARCHICAD 21 (7000) & 22 (4005) Updates available. We have created and tested packages for the INT, USA, AUS, UKI and NZE versions so far and they all passed our Quality Control. The Che...

Creating a mesh between two roads

I have a mesh shaping two roads, now I want to create a mesh for the terrain between them. If I use the magic ward I create a mesh but with Z=0, is it a way I can create the mesh taking the Z coordinates from the borders of the adjacent roads?

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 5 replies

Solid Operations

Hello, any news on implementation of solid operations in Archicad GH? Looking forward to that

joimagg by Newcomer
  • 0 replies

Rotated Morph and Cover Fills

When I rotate some morphs in 3D, they lose their ability to have a cover fill. The morphs take on the display of their building material, regardless of the Floor Plan Display settings. Can someone make sense of this for me?

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