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Resolved! Walls go to Far....

This happens every now and againWhen I extend a wall it will extend itself to the other side of the wall - no matter where I touch that wall.


Surface material rendering differently

As you can see the siding is not showing up the same on the final product as it's on the preview window. I have changed the orientation on the surface editor, but I am guessing the Cineware by Maxon only uses the stock image regardless of Archicad su...

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 2.17.42 PM.png Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 2.21.06 PM.png

Edit Composite Profile

I've done this before to edit the exterior skins on a wall to be lower than the entire profileIt worked a few times correctly I select the itemRight clickEdit/Select Composite Profileand it came up with the Profile Editor. NOW on any wall I select it...

Weak Material over Strong Materials

This is something that was working and then stopped - so maybe a setting that was changed while trying to fix something else. I have footings, earth and grass in the same section.The materials GRASS and EARTH are set to "0 Priority"Structural Concret...

slab.PNG grass.PNG earth.PNG

Resolved! Change the GUID

Hi everyoneI'm modeling existing buildings in IFC format.My client uses a software to visualize models and include them in a database for building maintenance.Among the specifications he's asking for, one is impossible to achieve.For each project, he...

Bidaya by Participant
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Double pitched skylight

Hi community! My first post here Does anyone have experience with double pitched roof windows/skylight? I did not manage to solve within the built-in library and it is hard to find any bim object online, as these come mainly as rfa. Is there any work...

glaze vision 2.png

Placing Slab into Site Archicad

Does anyone know how I can place my slab into the site in Archicad? When I try to cut out part of the site for my slab, the slab still seems to be buried.The site is imported from Rhino as an object. I am also unsure how to make my site a mesh rather...

2021-10-04 (2).png 2021-10-04 (3).png 2021-10-04 (4).png

Resolved! door instance misbehaving

Hey Ho,I've imported a project into AC25 from 24. so, i placed a door that does not follow the MVO i think. it appears on the floor plan as though the model is detailed while the MVO is set to medium. the other doors look correct. i have also not bee...

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 16.49.17.png Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 16.49.36.png

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