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Wall composite

Hi, I am trying to generate a overwrite rules for wall setout plan. I successfully setting a criteria so it highlights the wall in different color according to the material. But I realize that ArchiCAD pick up the wall as a whole, and not the specifi...

dongdong by Participant
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Compound (angle & slope) is twisting my profile

I created a roof edge with complex profile. It is straight and simple. But the roof edge is angled.  I placed this profile with the beam and railing tools. I get similar and unsatisfactory results.  The profile becomes twisted or distorted as shown i...

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Resolved! Inset Door Handle W/O Custom Leaf

Trying to accurately model an Emtek inset door handle without having to do a custom leaf with a cutout because we have a variety of door conditions and the handle locations vary. I have tried by shortening the depth of the handle so it appears to be ...


I am trying to make a beam with a strange end shape.

I am trying to make a beam with a strange end shape.Even if you look at it in 3D view, it does not become a single beam. how do you guys use it?Looking at the odd shape, it doesn't work out on a flat surface.1. The most important thing is to have an ...

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Displaying colours to curtain wall panels in plan view

I am using a curtain wall as a raised access floor and want to differentiate in plan view cut panels by adding a colour to them. Is there any way other than resorting to a 3D Document (Which then causes other issues) to acheive this ? I have tried ev...

Resolved! Window Round Reveal

Dear Friends, Hope you are doing well.I have a problem that I can't find a way to do it.Has anyone done a round revealer and does anyone have an idea how to do it?Best!

Resolved! Drawing/sketching and Modeling on top of 3d saved view.

Hello members, is there any way to Save Archicad (any version possible) view in 3d and then model/sketch and change geometry directly on top of it (in 3d). maybe u have figure it out, if there is this kind of workflow available. I hope i made my stat...

7ikario by Contributor
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Inject parameters is not working

Hi!The syringe tools have worked fine for me before, but now when trying to pick upp and inject parameters between windows the window I'm trying to inject the parameters into will not change. The pick up parameters seems to be working since I can pla...