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Materials priority wall slab and window

Hello, I have a wall and slab. the priority of materials is good. but when adding a window the display is wrong !!! Why ? Someone have an answer please ?

sma2bim by Booster
  • 9 replies

Archicad Wall Frame object (Updated)

Hi All, My wall framing object has now been updated to work in 2023. The object can be downloaded at this link. Planworks Wallframe download Here is a wall frame object that I have built out of frustration of there not being good wall framing option ...

Irregular walls finish

For a couple of years I've had the misfortune of having to work on restoration projects. I know, I know, some people love it, and I probably would too, if it not were for the impossible task of modeling irregular shaped walls in Archicad. God only kn...


Composite wall corner with monolithic wall is open

Hi everyone, I am trying to model this corner of my project for school and can't figure out how to close the end of the composite wall on the corner like it is on the side of the window in my plan. No problem in 3d as I can override it with the surfa...

Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 15.39.52.png

Hotlink Module Missing Walls

Hi, I changed wall texture, or story in the source file. Still those walls are missing I linked the pla file but nothing changed. Do you know any solution?

riyadist_1-1672930840707.png riyadist_0-1672930823492.png

Resolved! Walls not appearing on 3d view

I have created a set of internal walls at ground floor level to show 'new' internal linings onto an existing granite external wall. I have trimmed these to a plasterboard ceiling, and both walls and ceilings are appearing on section, however only the...

Mac_the_arc_0-1672243842860.png Mac_the_arc_1-1672243882809.png

Resolved! Renovation filters

I have an existing granite walled building, which I have modelled. I want to keep a set of the existing, but also produce a set of drawings showing the existing plus wall lining internally. It makes sense to have one wall to do this, however I cannot...

Wall joins

Hi,I have two problems. Both connected with walls joints. Material priorities are correct, but they still join in a wrong way.Thanks  

Screenshot 2022-12-23 162214.png Screenshot 2022-12-23 162203.png

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