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Opening Tool - issues at wall outside corner

I have 2" stucco walls that I'm trying to use the opening tool to wrap a 1" reveal around the corner in the stucco. I'm having issues where the openings do not cut out all of the wall. No matter how I set the wall reference line or opening settings t...

Brick bonding on Archicad

is there a way to do a brick bonding plan on archicad? when i need to use structural wall on my projects i always do it manually, but i would like to know if there is a way to do it faster with parameters or something. i already searched for this top...

Resolved! Photorendering setting toolbar

Hey....for some reason photorendering settings dialogue box won't show up. Was working fine until yesterday. For some show. Have minimized AC, thinking it might be behind the go. Have rebooted thinking it's the video card m...

Floating stairs in AC24

Despite 127 pages of documentation, there are no floating stairs. Is that right? If so, what an omission! Or is there a way around? I can use the Cadimage Polystair tool but don't want to in this instance. Please confirm and/or advise.

KeesW by Contributor
  • 4 replies

AC 24 Embedded Library

Hi, anyone else had trouble in deleting text files (or anything else) from the Embedded Library in 24? You go through the process and its still there after reloading the Libraries. Even overwriting brings up a warning.

STORY LEVELS - SETTINGS for New & Existing Conditions

Project house extension: Anyone know the setup for when you have story settings for an existing house that are DIFFERENT to the proposed ? Against an next to an existing house, I have story heights that are set. HOW do i have story settings that are ...

atfonit by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Archicad 22 update and Goodies

Hello, Some of my french clients are still on AC22 4XXX or 5XXX. I offered to install the Goodies for them so that they could import 3DS files (for example). But the download archive links seem to be cut off from many Archicad maintenance updates. Th...

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