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Creating 2D views of selected objects

Hello hive mind, I'm completing a model to include pre-manufactured stud frame sections, and need to be able to display the individual frames in 2D documentation. I do not want to replicate the frames as this would affect the timber schedule. The fra...

Resolved! Slightly skewed angle snap

I have inherited a project where orthogonal snap angles (if that is the correct term) during editing of walls etc always seem to be about a quarter of a degree off vertical and horizontal. This has resulted in the project being riddled with errors wh...

Wall end line for composites - graphic override

Let's say I have a project in version 22 (or 20 and above) with composite walls and I want to be able to display them without respective skins - that is to display them as transparent. For that I can of course create a Graphic Override, which is goin...

mbl by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Flythrough Resolution is terrible

I am trying to get a fly through of a project to play clearly. It seems like whatever I do, the 3d animation is blurry. I add a ton of frames between cameras, adjust the frame rate, change the size of the 3D window, etc. Nothing I change seems to mak...

Egraas by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

Overhead and Uncut Walls

Hello, in my project, I want to show overhead walls and uncut walls that only exist on the EXTERIOR of my building. My problem is, INTERIOR walls also appear as uncut and overhead lines along with the exterior walls. Do I need to change all of the wa...

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