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Transfer Curtain Wall Custom Panel Properties

How do I transfer the properties from one custom curtain wall panel to another? I have tried making a favorite, adding a panel class from custom, and injecting properties, but none of these work.The dimensions, pens, surfaces and other attributes don...


Texture problem in Archicad 23

Hi all.Some of the files have strange looking texture in the 3D window. The texture flickers while orbiting through the window and in the second screenshot you can see the reference line of the object do not match the object itself. Also, when in Ens...

01.png 02.png 03.png
bradutu by Participant
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Text to facade

When I want a facade text so how much should it be done? I do not want 3D text but text painted on the surface of the façade. Does it have to be done somehow through texture or how? attached picture what i meantthank you

PauliEK by Participant
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Resolved! I cant view anything in 2d, its like my floor plans are gone

I still can see the 3D Model and the Section I had made but that´s all. If I try to paste anything in the 2D window it says my clipboard is empty. I also cant add any walls whatsoever. I triedt copying the 3D Model and try adding it into a new file f...

lucas02 by Contributor
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hotel on a terrain

hi!im working on a hotel that is supposed to be on a terrain/ hill (of some sort) and dont quite know how to establish the hotel ON the terrain, idk how to search it on the internet to get more info about it.This is my first project that requires a u...

Splitting a wall, why can't it be connected?

After SpitWhy did this happen? I don't understand if I need to do more to Ctrl+T Floor ... None for this simple task.And as I will summarize and ask, if only 3 or more walls are gathered at one point, Archicad has a lot of problems with the connectio...

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Objects and Rotation

Is there a darn good reason out there to explain that when i create a new object, we still do not have a built in ability to rotate the object in any direction? Seriously - I really want to know why after a 1000 years we still can not rotate custom o...

gdford by Advisor
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Resolved! Lines in composite walls

Is there a way to get rid of the extra material line where my composite walls join(see image)? This is mainly an issue where my exteriors meet my interiors. My material intersection settings are in the correct priority. Last project I made a fill and...

JKL by Contributor
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Morph or Object

If i build something out of a one piece morph and I need to place several hundreds of these identical morph elements, is it better for Archicad to turn the morph element into an object and place the objects, or is it about the same difference to just...

gdford by Advisor
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Resolved! Wall extrusion edit for french provincial look

I have a project that contains a wall with rendered lines as shown below. I did this a long time ago and I cant remember how it was done. When I move the wall the lines dont follow it and from memory it seems like the cuts are separate from the wall....

jagber_0-1652407114596.png jagber_0-1652407311557.png
jagber by Booster
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