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Polygon Reduction in Archicad

If your model is feeling laggy or sluggish, especially in 3D, it may be due to a high number of polygons in the model and on-screen. For example, when navigating in 3D, there is a drop of frames (image stutters).This article can help you to identify,...

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Archicad 25 sudden file size increase

With Archicad 25 Graphisoft has implemented many exiting new features and improvements. For more information please visit this page . Symptoms At the same time the released Archicad 25 3002 build has raised an issue (DEF-6049), some projects might su...

Far From Origin - Troubleshooting Guide

You can experience loss of precision or malfunction if the project is located very far from the Archicad Project Origin, e.g. according to standards in certain countries or while importing a DWG. From the nature of floating point number representatio...

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mtron by Graphisoft

Freeze - Troubleshooting Guide

A "freeze" or "hang" is the state of the program when it does not respond to the operating system. A situation when Archicad does not respond to user actions (You see the hourglass on PC or the beachball on Mac ) does not necessarily mean it's frozen...

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How to optimize a project's file size

Although a project's performance is the most important, sometimes the large size of a file can be a problem. This article helps you learn what data is stored in a file and how to achieve a balanced BIM project that does not occupy more storage space ...

Python Connection in Archicad

If you've ever spent hours doing repetitive tasks - like assigning numbers to parking spaces one-by-one, finding any unused items in the View Map, or editing each element ID due to multiplying - you know how tedious and error-prone these tasks can be...

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