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Project Management articles


How to Optimize Your Project Performance

As projects evolve, they naturally become more and more complex and detailed. Also approaching deadlines might shift the focus from precise modeling to getting the job done. These might result in heavier files than necessary, that can slow down your ...

File Damage or Corruption - Troubleshooting Guide

Possible issues of file corruptions When opening Archicad project files, you might experience that the file is not opened correctly. In some cases the file will not open, in other cases the file opens but some or all of the content is missing. Here a...

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Issue Management in Archicad

One ongoing task of a lead architect or project manager is to ensure that errors, problems, and issues found during the design process are managed and resolved. The number of issues arising during an average project can be large, and resolving and tr...

BIMcloud as a Project Coordination Platform

As the world of AEC has become more deeply interconnected, so have the different disciplines with their myriad of various platforms, software tools and file types. In times of a digital transformation, it’s great to see these all converging into one ...

Model Checking in Archicad

It is essential to find modeling errors in architectural models and correct them before sending them to structural engineers or other stakeholders. The effectivity of the coordination between disciplines largely depends on the quality of the model. A...

wp-content_uploads_2020_05_Physical-Model-Quality.png wp-content_uploads_2020_05_Structural-Analytical-Model-Quality.png wp-content_uploads_2020_05_Collision-Detection.png wp-content_uploads_2016_06_Info_18x18.png

Project and File Management on BIMcloud

BIMcloud (from version 2020.2) is a multi-disciplinary model hub, able to host all file formats* coming from various collaboration tools and accessible by all project stakeholders. All files are managed with the help of the BIMcloud Project and Teams...

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