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Workspace management

The biggest problem in AC % usability at the present time is the "proliferation" of toolbox, pet palettes, information windows, control boxes, etc... Archicad should provide a customizable workspace that : 1. can be saved and restored easily 2. can b...

Pet Palette hot key

Here's a little productivity enhancer I'd use all the time: A Pet Palette hot key that would cycle through the palette buttons. It would fit nicely in the new Action part of the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box. I suppose it would be good if there were ...

2d and 3dengine together......

well correct me if im wrong but AC uses a 2d engine different form 3d engine right, that why everytime make 2d to see it 3d u have to regenerate the model...might be cool to have a interface like 3dstudio...where u can see all views in diferent windo...

PlotMaker 3.1 consistency with AC8.1

After using PM3.1 there a still a few inconsistencies. 1. I would like to see Keyboard shortcuts the same as AC8.1 - this is really annoying, dragging a copy like AC7 when I've just got used to the new AC8/8.1 commands.. 2. Multiple Undo's These are ...

James B by Graphisoft
  • 2 replies

Dimension stringers that stay visible

When zooming in tight on dimension stringers, they disapear. This is poor implentation of the zoom tool. This makes checking dimension stringers on large plans or large details unnecessarily time consuming. Graphisoft seems to let the most obvious an...

rm by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies