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How to Create a Double Pitch Beam

This exercise is about creating a prefabricated concrete double-pitch beam used for building industrial halls. Due to the renewed, multi-segmented Beam and Column tools it is much easier to create such structures in ARCHICAD 23. The shape of the beam...

End Cuts and Segment Joins in Beams and Columns

In ARCHICAD 22 and before all columns were cut horizontally at the bottom and at the top and all beams were cut vertically at both ends. As of ARCHICAD 23 beam and column ends can be cut both horizontally and vertically and also at any custom angle. ...

How to Create a Prefabricated Concrete Column

This article presents you with the detailed process of modeling a prefabricated reinforced concrete column with the new Column Tool of ARCHICAD 23. Prefabricated columns are often used in the case of industrial halls. The easiest way to represent the...

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Beam Segments - Tips and Tricks

What is a Segment? Beam (or Column) Segments are good for defining different materials and geometries along the Beam (and Column) reference axis. The result: expanded geometric freedom for BIM elements representing reinforced concrete, steel, timber,...

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The Opening Tool in The Open BIM Workflow

It’s important to have cooperation between other design disciplines and architecture. Therefore, ARCHICAD 23 offers you an easy workflow for importing files as an IFC model. Import IFC ‘Provision for Void’ Architects receive Provisions for Voids from...

The Opening Tool in the Architect’s Workflow

The Opening Tool is one of the new features of ARCHICAD 23, a must-have BIM design tool for the modeling, information management and documentation of openings. Use the new Opening Tool to create holes and recesses/niches that penetrate any number of ...

Archicad 23 - Hidden Gems

ARCHICAD 23 comes with many changes and improvements in performance, productivity, visualization, and information management. Moreover, there are plenty of small features hidden in ARCHICAD 23 that you may want to check out: Startup dialog ARCHICAD 2...

Using Expressions to Label Partition Types

With the introduction of expressions in ARCHICAD 22 users can extract and manipulate information from the model. Follow the steps below to learn how to take the name of a composite and abbreviate it for use in a partition tag. 1. Go to Options > Comp...

How to Work Precisely in Archicad

In Archicad the flexibility is given for just sketching up the building without having to numerically specify the correct size or location of an element, but if it's coming to a proper design process, you have to place the elements with a certain siz...

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Creating an Operation Profile

Operation Profiles is an ArchiCAD attribute that can be assigned to a Thermal Block. Each profile is associated with a daily schedule that includes required internal temperature range, human heat gain, hot water needs and humidity loads. Follow the s...

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