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Component Level Design Workflows - Conversation & feedback

Hi All, Now in Archicad, most design and data are handled at the element level - assigning properties, using Graphic Overrides or setting renovation status are a few examples.To express design intent and extract data at a more detailed level, the com...

James B by Graphisoft
  • 127 replies

Resolved! Cutting a section onto a Detail marker made on a plan

Hello All, Beginner question, I have created a details marker (call out) from a plan, the kitchen In the detail window, i am drawing a section cut line. When i go into the section, nothing is there ??? Does it mean that we cannot cut sections from ca...

Resolved! UNDO for only selected functions - Why?

Hello All, Beginner question: why a lots of function can't be undoed? In most softwares the entire functions are undoable. Here it looks like only things pertaining to drawing are undoable... Thanks a lot!Kind Regards

Resolved! Floor lines

Hello All, Beginner questions: Attached are images. Two floors have different composite spec but the top layer is the same. On plan it leads to a line (yellow circle), misleading for site crew. How can we avoid this line? I have tried solid operation...

Screen Shot 2021-11-13 at 11.32.50.png Screen Shot 2021-11-13 at 11.32.39.png Screen Shot 2021-11-13 at 11.32.35.png

Resolved! Round roof with roof accessories

Hello all, I have been modelling an old house with the very useful add-on roof accessories to create 3D modeled roof tiles. I have now come to a standstill regarding a roundish roof. It goes as in the following image: The problem is that the roof acc...


Archicad-Grasshopper Round beam setting

Hey, I'm trying to create a round beam with the Rhino Grasshopper-Archicad plugin but the select profile option doesn't show up as in Archicad. Any idea how to create it?I think it may be a missing option, not sure


Transparent solidt/morph

Hi, does anyone know if its possible to create a transparent morph so it looks like the say the space above a stair when you turn on the head room option etc. thanks Nigel

NigelMX by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Cabinet Object Anchor

Hello, I'm just starting to use AC25 and the new version of the cabinets object. Among the other missing features others have already raised (and I also can't believe are missing), I'm having problems with the chosen anchor point. It doesn't matter w...

Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 10.09.18 AM.png Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 10.09.27 AM.png Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 10.05.53 AM.png
joelsdg by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Expressions for quantity in schedules

Hello,does somebody know, is there a way to make expression based property which would calculate, for example, all Right orientated specific door type in story? Conventional way of doing this in schedules isn't good as it will allways make second row...

Kaspars by Contributor
  • 8 replies