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Component Level Design Workflows - Conversation & feedback

Hi All, Now in Archicad, most design and data are handled at the element level - assigning properties, using Graphic Overrides or setting renovation status are a few examples.To express design intent and extract data at a more detailed level, the com...

James B by Graphisoft
  • 127 replies

Resolved! Missing taps and handles - cabinet object

Hey all, Having a small but annoying issue in my 3D view of a project I'm working on. I am building a kitchen base unit, using the default Archicad 25 library object. I have built it all up with a sink, rebated handles and tap. On the plan, and secti...


Param-O and Hatches

Hi everybody! I've created my first Param-O object and I'm very happy but I have a problem: I want the object to have a covering hatch but I cannot reach how to do it. Do you have any suggestions? Is it possible with Param-O or do I have to learn adv...

alesim by Participant
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Surveyor's Unit not working?

I'm currently working on the site plan. I have the dimensions set to surveyor's unit, but in the tracker the angle isn't changing to display the degrees, minutes, seconds. Am I missing a setting somewhere? I can't draw my property lines at all. I'm a...

sknsnw9 by Booster
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Wall tool geometry method

When using the wall tool, all geometry methods are not avaliable. When choosing the straight line tool, there is no other options showing, and thereby I cant find the option for chained walls. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Grasshopper – Archicad Live Connection not working on M1 iMac

I am using Rhino7 and Archicad25 on M1 iMac. After Start Connection, the connection status is green and there is no error information shown in Grasshopper, but no models are generated in Rhino or Archicad, and the material or favorites pop-up window ...

zeyi by Participant
  • 15 replies

Archicad Stair Objects and Property Data

Is an Archicad Stair object smart enough to know the area occupied by the flights and the area of the landing? If so can this be used to create a Property that evaluates these? I'd like to create a property that would let me use a Zone for the entire...