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Stairs problem - Reset custom turnings

Hello folks!I have a problem with the stairs. When I open the stairs selection secting it shows a warning "Reset custom turnings". What is it? Clicking on it, it does nothing and I do not manage to remove it. What's wrong with my stairs?

stevini by Contributor
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Site modeling from PDF and Location in GIS

Hi All, I have one pdf drawing, it is Master plan for project. How I can create site model from this pdf drawing and Location of project?Then How I can place IFC model to calculate of dig dirt?Please check in this link below for pdf drawing?https://m...


Archicad 25 inverted pan

Hi, I have a problem with Archicad 25 (build 3011 on macos catalina) In 2D view (plan or sections elevations) my pan is inverted in the vertical axis and the window doesnt redraw on the new parts of the plan displayed. Is this a know bug? If not wher...

User origin keeps moving

Hi all.I'm having some issues with the user origin. I keep having to reset it so that it goes back to the project origin. Then after a few minutes of work it changes to this random position, always the same, off grid. It must be linked to some view o...

jowig by Contributor
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Project info on master layout

How do you guys add basic project and company info to your master layouts?I have seen two options so far, one is with a worksheet and a drawing tool. And the other is option is crating a Label and using the label tool.What are the benefits and drawba...

object - plumbing point for basin

Hey folks, Trying to create some new basin object that have the plumbing point attached. Trying to get the plumbing point to display on one level below, so if the basin moves than the plumbing point in the slab plan will go with it. At the moment the...

tomyg by Participant
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Resolved! Navigation Issue

Need help I've created a slab and then when I navigate to ground floor I couldn't find the slab that I've created. How can I be able to see the slab I created in the ground floor??Below is the SS of the slab I've created.I Can't seem to find the slab...

1.jpg 2.jpg

Resolved! Slab and wall not contiguous

Hello folks,I have a problem with the 3D (Archicad 25)! In only one floor of the building, there is a space between the slab and the wall where it shouldn't be.I placed the slab in line with the first floor level with 265mm of thickness, as per attac...

1.gif 2.gif 3.gif 4.gif
stevini by Contributor
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