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grid element tool

I place a column line with the grid element tool. Once placed I cannot stretch. The stretch option does not show up in the pet palette. Anyone have a clue why this would happen? Thanks in advance

Linked detail markers - Intermittent problems

I seem to have an intermittent recurring problem with linked detail markers, both existing and new placements. I will pick a drawing out of the list, and the marker will be blank. I just cannot get the information to be picked up from the layout. How...

.dwg backgrounds on worksheets

I would like to place autocad survey background on a worksheet to begin site plan. I placed my surveyors .dwg drawing on a prepared worksheet in Bobrow's master template but I don't know how to make the worksheet visible in model views so that I can ...

Skylights in roofs over multiple stories

It drives me crazy and maybe I make a basic fault: I have a very complex roof, which can not been solved by multiple roofs. I use single roof method. The roofs go over 3 stories and have to be visible in a "final" roof plan at the top. So I have to s...

BIMComponents upload problem

Trying to draw up some items for the company I am at and i can get them saved as objects; But when I tried to up load them online so anyone in the office can get to them it looks like it goes and says 100% complete. Then I get an email saying, "You r...

fristadm by Newcomer
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Creating Modules out of 2D objects in Section/Elevation

From what i can gather, one cannot create a 'module' out of 2d objects (lines, for example) from a section or elevation view. You can, however, do so from a plan view. Is that correct? If this is correct, what is the work around here? Creating GDL ob...

Craftsman lintel over openings?

It seems that the AC standard library doors/windows do very nice extended lintels, but you can't make them project in front of the side casings a bit, so the 3D reads as a lintel. I have SmartParts, which will produce a proper lintel, but it's buggy ...

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