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Component Level Design Workflows - Conversation & feedback

Hi All, Now in Archicad, most design and data are handled at the element level - assigning properties, using Graphic Overrides or setting renovation status are a few examples.To express design intent and extract data at a more detailed level, the com...

James B by Graphisoft
  • 126 replies

Resolved! Make a Street in 3D

Hello, how can I make a 3D street with a slab and a mesh in AC26? I know about Solid Elements Operation but I need more informations. Thank you!

VladGoo by Contributor
  • 6 replies

3D modelling from GDL object

Hi All, I am trying to create a manual point cloud! I have a Leica disto x4 p2p setup, which I use to measure up existing buildings and land. I'm trying to push it past its 'marketing' limits and use it as a manual 3d laser scanner. I can export data...

Resolved! Slab white fill showing grey

I set the fill to be white but it shows as grey not matter what I do.It isn't shadows or automatic color correction or graphic overrides.Edit: I forgot to mention that it only appears grey when it's in a plan (3D documents) document. In the general w...

Jeliel by Participant
  • 14 replies

Resolved! Snap points don't appear when using offset edge.

Hi. Hopefully a quick an easy one. When I use offset edge and wish to align to the midpoint of another element, the snap point along that element doesn't appear. Snap points are switched on and when I go to draw a polyline from that midpoint there is...

Aiden by Participant
  • 4 replies

Intersection between wall and roof for dormer window

Hi,I have built a dormer window in AC 26. Everything works perfectly in 3D but not in 2D. In plan view it's as if AC doesn't take into account that the base of the wall has been cut by the roof element. I've played around with the floor plan cut plan...