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When I take a screenshot in ArchiCAD, I usually use my own screenshot tool, but does ArchiCAD have some kind of screenshot tool and being able to draw upon it, like arrows and text fields and such? All I can find in ArchiCAD, is save to JPG.

Floor Composition Presentation

For purposes of presenting a composite, like a slab, is there some tools in ArchiCAD to do that? In the picture, it shows a presentation of a composite, with arrows and text description. Are there any tools in ArchiCAD that would assist in making suc...

X-reference already exists

I am trying to attach a dwg file as x-ref, but I ve got a pop up that says x-reference already exists. I checked the x-reference manager and there is no reference file at all. Any clues...

Point as 3D hotspot

Hi, If I would like to use a 3D point from GH (or Rhino itself) as a 3D hotspot in ARCHICAD to snap to, is there a way to do it? I'm calculating the center of gravity for a set of objects, and it would be very helpful to get it back. The 3D text coul...

furtonb by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

Exclude a Modules Layer

Hi all, Is there a way to exclude a layer from a module? By not loading select layers, files containing hotlinks would be leaner as content that is not required would not be loaded into the parent file. eg. I could exclude furniture and concealed str...

Resolved! Archicad file size?

How do you minimize file size for archicad? I would be very grateful if you could explain the settings with pictures.

zsvnc by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

Can SEO be renovation filter specific

Excellent work around, thanks. But it's still just a work around. It would be nice if AC would let me subtract, say, a new foundation from an existing hillside -- and leave the mesh hillside without holes in the existing views -- without having to ha...

moet36 by Newcomer
  • 0 replies

CodeMeter Hardware key conversion in Update installers

Dear All, As you might have noticed already, lately Apple has started to become less tolerant with 3rd party hardware devices that are reached through a so-called Kernel Extension. Because of this the CodeMeter driver’s Kernel Extension already needs...

Resolved! How can I change default morph cover fill?

When I hotlink IFC as morph elements in AC21 all morphs get the default roof tile fill in can I change that? I tried to chahe the morph tool default in the actual project but it didn't work so there must be another esoteric place for this ...

AC 20 library download link

Where the heck is the link to older libraries on Graphisoft website. Why are they so hard to find.....or is it me? Thanks, Tom