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Resolved! Pens & Color Palette

It would be quite helpful to be able to eyedropper and inject Color, Pen Weight and Description in the Pens & Color Palette.

jfa_ra by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Render Clusters

Rendering detailed and or large/complicated models take a serious amount of time and slows the computer down in the process. Here is an easy method of operation that would bypass these issues by using a “Render Cluster”. 1. Master computer with Archi...

Gravity to Mesh/Slab/Roof/Shell Association

I work for the San Diego Zoo and do all our Schematic Design in ArchiCAD. As such we have large sites with allot of landscape elements (plants, trash cans, Benches, Stairs, handrails, play elements) that I place on the mesh using the gravity tool. Th...

2d wall

Like the option for objects, need an option for walls to turn off 3d. I can think of a number of reasons for this but one is foundation plans. You don't want 3d, you don't want to mess around with fill. When the size changes, it is just one click. If...

Hotlink filter

It should be very useful to filter the Hotlink Modul by criterias like in interactive schedules or Find and Select command. For example to paste the Hotlink with only specified layers or IDs or element type.

Custom Column - Revolved Profile

Rather than just extruding a profile, would we be able to get the option to revolve the profile instead? Just like how the revolve option for the Shell Tool works at the moment. In this way we can easily model vertically complex columns that have rot...

Custom Sub-Components - Stretch References

The option to user define stretch regions for custom sub-components such as door leafs and posts. At the moment, the uniform stretching, when available, of custom sub-components results in the need to create multiple variations given various sizes. L...

French Leaf

I've got a pretty simple request for the French Leaf to just change the direction of all the sides to go the same direction. It doesn't look very nice when using a surface with a grain!

JGoode by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies