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Remove clock time from Issued Date parameter

As discussed in https://archicad-talk.graphisoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=58455. Issue Date should be, as the title says, a date, and not contain the time at all. Seems like a very easy thing to fix.

mmlahti by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Modify Surface Finishes of Complex Profiles

We have created typical interior partitions using complex profiles to include modifiable wall base. But in using complex profiles, we have seemingly lost the ability to use the paint brush tool to independently override the surface finishes of comple...

Handle dashed line by hatches

When the hatch has a dashed outline, that it is not continious where points are close one to another. There is an option with the polyline tool to make the dashed line continious, but by hatches I can't find that . Is there any way to handle this? (s...

Automatically naming plans acording to the slab level.

Hi! is there a way to automatically link floor plan names with its corresponding main level, be it the finish floor level or top of slab level (im not sure how its called in english, but in spanish that would be the terms.) That way, we could link th...

jl_lt by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Walls: show on stories (as columns)

Hi, It’s usual, in structural layouts to show columns and walls of story X, and slabs and beams of story X+1. In columns, we can choose a high number of configurations of "Floor Plan Display", in particular, “One story up” and “ “Home & One story up”...

GOBA by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

Pause "Auto Update" globally

Hey Archicad, there are a few posts here about time drainage due to "Auto Update" drawing in layout. The manual update is a nice option but often one forgets to put it back to auto update. Could the simple solution be a button to "Pause all auto upda...

joimagg by Newcomer
  • 8 replies

New Feature: add named checkpoints to undo history

OK, so this is totally new and I have never seen this implemented in any CAD software. Imagine that you're about to start working on something a bit tricky and you don't know exactly how you're gonna do it. There will be trial and error and you'll me...

AC23 Column / Beam End Cuts

I have developed a timber I-beams complex profile to work with columns and beams for framing layouts. Unfortunately the new beam & column tools only allow for a single direction end cut within the settings which is fixed to rotate around the X-axis. ...