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Please make a single topic wish per thread in this Wishes forum. Do not combine multiple wishes in a thread if you hope to have the wish classified and considered for the future roadmap. Make the subject line of your Wish post a concise summary of th...

Resolved! Favourites & Line Tools

I use the option of "Uniform Settings for Line Tools" but in the past I haven't had much need to use Favourites for line settings. Today I realised:1. The line, polyline, spline & circle tools are locked to their own favourites.2. You can't save a fa...

Open teamwork file from BIMcloud

Often you are doing a cleanup in BIMcloud, duplicating or deleting files and it would be nice to be able to open a teamwork file directly from BIMcloud. Seems like a very same and useful change to make. If BIMcloud is to take off as a file store - it...

psmith Booster
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A different kind of Beta-Test

Hello together, Frequently I'm disappointed, when I tested new functions etc. and I get the response: "We don't change anything now, the development of this is finished."So my part as beta tester seems mainly to be, to report bugs and to search how t...

snow Advisor
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Search Bar for every AC function

Why is is so hard to implement a search bar for all AC functions? One field that filters all AC functions as you type in it. This type of search functionality has been around for years in other software. Unreal engine provides it on the RMB click. I ...

Auto generate signature with Archicad version and computer specs

One for the forum moderators:Is it possible that, during the registration, the fields for Archicad version and computer specs (basic, make and OS) are required, and that a signature is automatically created? A lot of new members ask questions without...

Helpcenter forum

Does anyone else think the now deceased Helpcenter ( should be a Forum on its own?International and localized contents.Articles here are well and good, but they are hard to find (as is mostly everything else you don'...


I wish everyone who thinks that a workaround is a workaround would post a video of their workaround before they made a wish of how to solve their work around because then maybe I wouldn't just be reading wishes all day I might actually be able to hel...

Real wishes.

I wish that everybody who puts in a wish would take the time to master the tools that are currently available. The reason for this is that more than half the wishes can be obtained in a so-called "work around ".Are these workarounds? Or are these jus...