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Wishlist | Favourites Manager

It would be good if there was some method where you could sort all favourites based on common criteria, like element type, classification, layer etc, then edit a whole bunch at once. An example would be the ability to select all aluminium awning wind...

Dimensions - Align & Distribute

maybe i'm doing it wrong, but I wish there was a way you could automatically align & distribute already placed dimensions.screenshot below of what happens when i try to distribute the 804 dimension to be equidistant between 697 & 894. AC doesn't allo...

Screenshot 2021-10-18 135752.png

Objects that everyone uses not in Archicad

Why doesn't Archicad add objects that literally everyone in the US needs for projects. Like commercial 3 bowl sinks. Every single restaurant has one, but no object for it. Sure I can get one from revit city or sketch up but I don't want one that's ma...

Element Visibility Control

When modeling I often feel hamstrung by a lack of control over the visibility of elements in model space which can be traced to the fact that its tied to layers. Ignoring any discussion about layers raison d'être in todays object oriented application...

A wish for the wishes forum -> no workarounds

Hello, I am a little disappointed of how I see users reply to the wishes. It's a true gem that this community exists and I believe we can all make it greater too! Here's the thing. Someone posts a wish like this "I want the X tool" or "I want this to...

Geometry Conversion for IFC Export

Hi everyone, In several OpenBIM workflows with the IFC2x3 and IFC4 schema I have encountered the problem of the subdivision of Composite and Complex elements and with their parameters (Attributes and Properties) according to their IFC classification....

Bram by Participant
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Resolved! Composite adjustable thickness

Hello everybody, Can we have adjustable thickness to a composite? For example, I want to have a composite of "concrete-insulation-stone", instead of:150concrete-100insulation-50stone150concrete-50insulation-50stone150concrete-100insulation-100stone15...

Find & Select: Beam Slant Angle

Please can we have the Beam Slant Angle added to the Find & Select selection criteria. I just had the pleasure of modifying a complex roof framing drawing containing 70+ beams at various lengths & elevation heights with a small angle change (not imme...

Graphic Overrides - Line Category based

Hi!In Archicad we can't control the representation of every line in a custom way and this may cause problems in the representation (especially in sections): This kind of errors may be probably managed by just giving the possibility to override lines ...

Schermata 2021-10-01 alle 11.01.21.png Schermata 2021-10-01 alle 11.08.17.png