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Scroll to find a specific Navigator item Nowadays, a project can have hundreds of sections, elevations, details, 3D views, and layouts – all listed in the Navigator. With the increasing complexity and size of projects, it is becoming time-consuming t...

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Archicad as a Coordination Tool

Every now and then the question arises: how to use Archicad as a coordination tool. There are multiple workflows in which you can differentiate and compare the models of different disciplines. Let’s take a look at the following model where architectu...

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Migrating Classifications

There are a lot of cases – even if it is not entirely intentional when you migrate projects. This happens when content made in an earlier version of Archicad is opened in a newer version. These scenarios can include: simple copy-paste from your old p...

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Polygon Reduction in Archicad

If your model is feeling laggy or sluggish, especially in 3D, it may be due to a high number of polygons in the model and on-screen. For example, when navigating in 3D, there is a drop of frames (image stutters).This article can help you to identify,...

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Far From Origin - Troubleshooting Guide

You can experience loss of precision or malfunction if the project is located very far from the Archicad Project Origin, e.g. according to standards in certain countries or while importing a DWG. From the nature of floating point number representatio...

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