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Frequently Asked Questions About IFC

What are IFC and MVD? The IFC file format is ISO-certified and it was developed by the BuildingSMART (formerly the IAI - the International Alliance for Interoperability). IFC is the only open and standard 3D object-oriented exchange format used by BI...

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Archicad IFC Translators

Importing and exporting model data using IFC is controlled by the settings of the translator you are using. Archicad comes with a handful of preset translator options which are optimized for certain 3rd party software but you can also create your own...

Structural Analytical Model Exchange

Archicad can share the structural analytical model with any external finite element analysis software that supports open-source file formats optimised for this purpose, such as: Structural Analysis Format (SAF) IFC Structural Analysis View (IFC SAV) ...

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Integrated Structural Analytical Model

The integrated structural analytical model within Archicad helps architects and structural engineers achieve real collaborative teamwork. This capability is available as of Archicad 24. While architects design with the help of physical models (BIM), ...

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EcoDesigner STAR

GRAPHISOFT EcoDesigner STAR is an Archicad extension providing a full BIM to BEM workflow.This enables designers to fully utilize and further extend Archicad's built-in building energy modeling capabilities. Availability EcoDesigner STAR is currently...

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Energy Evaluation

BIM-integrated Sustainable Design ARCHICAD’s improved Energy Evaluation engine supports multiple thermal blocks. This allows users to evaluate their designs with standard compliant technology and makes ARCHICAD the “greenest” BIM solution available o...

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Rhinoceros — GDL Converter

The Rhinoceros - GDL Converter is a part of the Rhino – Grasshopper – ARCHICAD Toolset. Create native ARCHICAD objects in Rhinoceros With this toolset, designers can save a selected part of a Rhino model in a native ARCHICAD object file (.gsm or .lcf...